Grateful for a "Sunny" outlook during these times.

Interesting times we live in...

I have finally figured out why I've become so enamored with sunflowers during the coronavirus pandemic. My interest, or maybe I should say obsession, has driven me to not only grow sunflowers in my garden, but also to investigate every aspect of these magnificent plants. First, let me explain that I am an artist. I see the world through an artist’s eye. I look at my sunflowers and see more than the happy colorful blooms. I notice the shapes, variances in color, and the intricate patterns of the seeds, the geometry and symmetry of nature’s design. When I design my jewelry, I have always focused on the shapes and patterns, centering my components in most of my designs, to create a unique and appealing aesthetic. I find many of the same principles in the sunflowers. They are an amazing work of nature! 
To say that I am enjoying my garden immensely is an understatement, but the reason I have so much time to spend gardening is unfortunate. The coronavirus pandemic caused cancellations of all current trunk shows, so a big part of my ability to showcase and sell my jewelry designs has disappeared. For the first time in many, many years I find that I am staying home for weeks on end. So, when I need to decompress from the news of the day, and coronavirus stress, I go to the garden. Just as designing jewelry is a very calming, soothing experience for me, so is gardening.
The garden is a place where I can go and energize my creativity.  In addition to growing things, I enjoy capturing the beauty I see through photography. Choosing the perspective, lighting angles, and framing the composition, parallels the way I choose elements for my jewelry as to size, shape, color, and then combine them into a final design.
As for the photography – it is one of my favorite aspects of the jewelry business. I enjoy setting up the lighting and the angles to reflect the beauty of my subject, whether it is a spyrograph-like close-up of seed pods, or the latest ankle bracelet design. As mentioned, I am an artist, a Ringling College of Art & Design graduate. And even though many moons have passed since then, and time has seen me trade my first career as a small advertising agency owner for the fulfillment of being a jewelry designer, the creative elements remain at the core of my soul.   
A funny thing about my seemingly sudden love of sunflowers is that yellow and orange have been my least favorite colors! My favorite color actually has been no color at all. I guess that explains why my designs mostly include white pearls!
As I wait for the green light to get back to doing some trunk shows, which are not likely until this Fall, I will not worry about the dirt under my nails.... I'll just dig in and have fun in the soil and sun with flowers blooming and bees buzzing.

I am blessed with this time to spend creating new and unique jewelry designs as well as enjoying the beauty and satisfaction of tending my sunflower flock, herbs and landscape beautification projects.

Keep an eye out for all things new and fresh for Summer :)


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  • Love your blog, sunflowers, gardening and always your beautiful designs…and especially sea pearls!!! To happiness and Joie de vivre…!!!


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